Witney Film Exhibition

“The exhibition charts 50 years of Dr Who in TV as well as in film. You’ll see all sorts of memorabilia – some of which has never been displayed in public before – from annuals, posters, copies of early Dr Who episode scripts to Dr Who flannels, Dalek Slime and of course the daleks themselves.

The museum has a magnificent permanent collection of some Witney-based relics relating to the town. To compliment this our display includes equipment and documents which used to belong to the Witney cinemas of both Corn Street and the Butter Cross. We have various posters and programmes from Witney’s old Palace Cinema dating back as far as 1920. Some of the cameras and projectors in the exhibition originally belonged to Witney’s cinema.


All artefacts are on loan from the Hendry Archive.”

Visit  www.witneyfilm.com for more information.